Frequently Asked Questions on Press Releases:

What is a press release?

A Press Release is a written announcement of noteworthy information which is to be received by the media, the public and/or industry specialists.

In the past Press Releases were purely for announcing news to the media, but with the growth of brand journalism and the spread of information via the internet, Press Releases are now used by individuals, companies and organization to also make noteworthy announcements direct to consumers, general news readers and industry experts.

How much traffic can a press release attract?

This really depends on the demand for the topic and how relevant and useful the press release is. For example, if a sudden flu outbreak occurred and your press release contained information on how to prevent yourself from catching it, many people would be searching for this information and many journalists and bloggers would be publishing news and information on this topic.

The main factors to consider are the interest level and potential audience of the topic being published, how newsworthy and attention grabbing the press release, the keywords and topics covered and level of interest, and the level of competition.

How long does a press release stay up?

A Press Release is published online automatically by some syndicators on over 200 of their news partners, most of which will keep them up permanently, and on some occasions some sites may delete the release for various reasons, such as a lack of traction. However, the majority of sites typically always keep your Press Release published.

Your Press Release will also be published and recorded in various news media databases like Associated Press where it will be stored permanently.

How does news syndication work?

If you have a Press Release which you want to be distributed throughout various media outlets, all you have to do is submit it through and we’ll do the distributing for you.

What are the benefits of a press release?

Mainly to gain maximum exposure of your brand. To obtain greater mind-share, attract readers to your site and get them to perform your desired call-to-actions, such as downloading an eBook, liking a page or even buying a product.

Will my press release get ranked on Google and if so how long will it last?

For the first 1-7 days you will likely see your Press Release appear in Google for mid to high competition keywords and listed as high profile ‘In The News’ results under regular Google Searches. This is due to our distribution getting your Press Releases included in Google News.

After the initial spike in rankings you will see the Press Release ranking in Google for low-mid competition keywords, and if it gains further media pick-up and citations then it will rank for even more keywords. These rankings typically last anywhere from 6 months to over 3 years depending on the level of competition and coverage of your Press Release.

At that point wherever they settle after about 2 weeks tends to be where they stick for at least 3-4 months and sometimes longer.

Is there a better day to publish a press release?

It is commonly known in the media industry that the best days to get your press release out would be between Tuesday and Thursday. Usually Monday is flooded with news which means that your release may just disappear amongst the other barrage of announcements. Fridays tend to be slower, probably because people are preparing to enjoy their approaching weekend. Due to the low volume of news on weekends, and the 24/7 requirement of bloggers and journalists to produce new content, in certain niches publishing on the weekend when competition for news is low can work well.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can help you write and publish news worthy press releases to bring traffic to your site!

Refer to BPC Lawyers Car Accident Compensation Lawyers press release for an example of what is required to comply with the strict international media agency requirements.